Saturday, March 28, 2009

Work Happens!

So it has been a while since my last post and a lot has happened. I had my 3 month reconnect with all of the volunteers from my training group at the wonderful, though slightly dangerous, Northern beach town of Pacasmayo. We had 3 days of meetings, presentations about our sites and work, and some more training sessions over various topics. It was really refreshing to talk to the other volunteers and to learn that even though I may have felt like I wasn’t accomplishing much during my first 3 months, I’m in the same spot as most other volunteers. So things are going well.

Since returning from reconnect and a wonderful but brief 4 day vacation with my friend Heather (see pictures below!), things in Tomas have been going really well. School is back in full force, which means there are more people than ever in Tomas (well, at least during the weekdays). I’ve observed a few classes and even taught my first English class (it was a surprise 30 minute class, for which I hadn’t prepared anything ahead of time, but it went fine). I’ve helped construct a multi-family micro landfill, started a compost pile, and worked with our nursery.

Then, I received a visit from my boss, the associate director of Peace Corps Peru, and a Director of Programming from the Peace Corps office in Washington D.C. It was a fun visit and I proudly showed Tomas and the work we’ve been doing to all three.

I’m beginning to teach more English and starting with Environmental Education. In addition, I’ve got a busy month of meetings and planning to start a garbage/recycling program in Tomas. It is an exciting time to be a volunteer in Tomas, and I have really high hopes of coninuted successes in the months to come.

On a side note, 4 months ago today I officially swore in as a Peace Corps Volunteer, so that means 20 months of service to go. Time sure is going fast.

Humbolt Penguins at the Islas Ballestas

The sunset at Cerro Azul

Islas Ballestas: Covered with birds and therefore rich, bird poo fertilizer.

A somewhat eccentric Peruvian playing his Cajon for a few soles. He yelled a lot.

Heather and I in Huacachina, a desert oasis big deal.

The dune buggy we rode in: loud, fast, and fun.

The micro-landfill for a few families that my host dad and i constructed. Also, the inagural trash being responsible thrown away!!

The nursery in Tomas. There are currently two beds of Eucalyptus and a spot for a compost pile.

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