Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Let's get moving in January!

We’re well into the new year and things are going fine in Tomas, Yauyos. Most of the population in Tomas has left for the months of January and February because of the summer vacation, so the population of about 450 adults has dropped to well below 100. It is a very different feel from the excitement of Tomas’ Christmas party in December. Here in Tomas we’re getting to the peak of the rainy season, with rain every day now and most nights. I hate to say it but the rain is making basic hygiene, such as laundry and bathing, much more difficult and cold to do. Don’t worry though, I can shower twice a month with hot water when I’m in my regional capital for the night.

Work is progressing a little slowly but without any major problems, so that is good. It is expected during the first few months that tangible work items go slowly, as I prepare my diagnostic. My Community Diagnostic Survey is coming along fine. Ideas and preparations of a Garbage system are even being talked about and that is a good first step in getting things moving. I feel good about the slow but steady progress here in Tomas.

With so few people in Tomas, it is easy to spend a lot of time with one or a few people. I’m starting to develop some closer relationships, which is really nice and it is helping my Spanish a lot.

There isn’t a whole more exciting news from Tomas and there might not be any really exciting changes during the next month and a half. Just more preparation work and finishing up my diagnostic survey. Life continues to be good, now it is just a little more tranquil. I’ve even started knitting with my host mom in the evenings. After a small bout of sickness last week, I’m healthy again, despite the constant cold of the rain.

Thank you to all who’ve sent letters. I’m in the process of responding to you all.
Happy January, Jared

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